The Guide on How to Choose Plus-Size Wedding Dress

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The choice of a wedding dress is a very important and undeniable moment. Wedding salons offer a fairly large selection plus-size wedding dresses. Below we will talk about how to choose a dress of this type.

Several Tips on How to Choose Plus-Size Bridal Gowns

Choosing a plus-size wedding dress, a bride may worry that it will make her cumbersome and awkward. However, just a few tips will help a girl get rid of the comical image, turning into an elegant, beautiful and chic bride.

So here is the list of useful tips for plus-size brides:

  1. Cloth. The bride with opulent curves should reject a fitted dress made of heavy fabric. It is better to choose something light and flowing, giving more freedom for movement. A bride should be especially attentive when choosing a dress with sleeves. A tightly seated fabric on the arms can emphasize all the shortcomings of the bride and in this case the look will not be successful.
  2. Correct accents. The bright accents of the wedding dress will help to distract attention from problem areas. For example, the belt will emphasize the waist and hide wide hips or problem area on the abdomen.
  3. Modesty. Unlike slender girls who can choose a wedding dress of any type, plus-size girls should be more reserved and not choose too pretentious outfits. Restrained models will emphasize the dignity of the figure, while excess lace, ruffs, and rhinestones, will make the image heavy, increasing it even more than it actually is.
  4. Correcting underwear. To make the image really beautiful, the bride should pay special attention to underwear. Correcting underwear will hide all the shortcomings, making a bride’s figure more graceful.

To hide all the shortcomings and emphasize all the advantages with the help of the wedding dress, a bride should know the type of her figure in order to know what is best to start from.

Hourglass Shaped Figure

The main features of the hourglass shaped figure are wide hips and large breasts, but the stomach is not a problem area. With this figure, a stunning wedding image can be created by Mermaid dress. Make sure that the lush part of the skirt starts from the middle of the thigh.

Pear Shaped Figure

If the bride’s shape resembles a pear, a gorgeous dress is ideal for her wedding image. The corset will pull the waist, and the magnificent skirt will hide the hips, allowing a bride to feel like a real princess. Lace wedding garter will become a special decoration of the magnificent wedding dress, emphasizing the airiness of the image.

Apple Shape Body

A girl with an apple shape body has a beautiful decollate zone, which should be emphasized. The wedding dress in the Empire style is ideal for this. The flowing cloth will hide problem abdominal area.

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