Most-Visited Place of Makassar Sightseeing

Popular for its unique dishes, Makassar treasures up the other specialties which can attract people to come there. Makassar offers beautiful scenery to see and spectacular attractions to enjoy. Located in Sulawesi Island, this place is also one of the most visited destinations for tourists all over the world. Planning to have a great vacation in this city is the right option to create such an unforgettable memory. As you can see, Makassar is one of the metropolitan cities of Indonesia which has high population and interesting places. There are historic charm, spectacular buildings, intense forts, and many more. It becomes a desirable vacation destination quickly for local visitors or international tourists. Since the surrounding of this island is Flores Sea, you will see high level of ocean beauty there. Makassar ensures you to have a paradise of undiscovered beaches, exotic culinary menus, gorgeous coastlines, modern lifestyle and local hospitality in it. Everything is a great day in Makassar. All you can see there is what you have ever dreamt about. The specialty that you can get from this city is Makassar sightseeing.

The beautiful Makassar sightseeing attracts tourists from over the world in every year. These are some places that can be listed to your next destination for a great holiday.

  • Losari Beach. It is the most famous beach in Makassar for local and international visitors. When you visit Makassar, this place should be in your place-to-visit list. While the other beaches offer a sandy beach with waves, then Losari beach offers you a blue sea. You can taste various special culinary from Makassar while fishing in this beach. It is a perfect place to visit with your family.
  • Taka Bonerate Marine Park. Located in Selayar Island, this place is a favorite destination for those who want to see a beautiful sea view. You can do swimming and diving in a blue sea. Enjoy a hundred varieties of sea species like fish and turtle while you do snorkeling in the water.
  • Tanjung Bira. The location is really strategic to be your right place when you want to run away from busy days in business city. This is a white sandy beach with clear blue water. You can do any kinds of water activities like snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, diving, and many more. The view of this beach is very eye catching and precious; you should not miss this wonderful panorama.

For over the years, Makassar has been visited by a hundred tourists in every year. This city is really iconic for the views and great panorama. Spectacular Makassar sightseeing can be found in many sites to lose your stress from your daily activities. Makassar is a wonderful destination place for every kind of people. The attractions and sightseeing in Makassar will not give you any disappointments. Come there with your family or beloved friends, and take a photo as much as you can. Be ready to feel such an exquisite moment in a great days visiting Makassar.

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