Bridesmaid Dress and Blush Nail Polish Color Combos You Will Love

As a bride, one of the most important wedding choices you need to make is the color and cut of your bridesmaid dresses. At least, the decision feels very important when you talk about it with your girlfriends-probably because they’re the ones who’ll be wearing the dress. Thankfully, this year there are some especially beautiful color and texture trends happening in the realm of bridesmaid dresses-and of course, these gorgeous trends inspired us to come up with the perfect nail polish pairings for your girls!

It used to be that anything besides the traditional French manicure or pale pink nails was seen as taboo for weddings, but no more. A bright, fresh pop of nail color is the perfect way to add an unique, affordable accessory to your ladies’ ensembles. But it’s equally important to pick a hue that will work with the dress and the flowers. Wedding day nails are almost as important as the dress itself. Well, maybe not as important but will definitely be noticed as everyone “oohs” and “ahhs” over your beautiful ring. With all of the excitement on a day as special as a wedding day, the nail color can be forgotten or overlooked.

What nail polish shades suit brides?

Soft pink and white nails has always been the most popular shade for brides, however, there now some beautiful blush pink shades and pinks that contain a touch of peach or honey that warm-up skin tones. The colour of the bride’s dress, shoes, flowers and make-up influence the nail shade choice. If she has chosen cool tones and colours, then this should be reflected in her polish. My sister wore classic red nails, which looked strikingly beautiful against her red rose bouquet and stark white dress.

Which nail shape do you think looks best for brides?

Classic short nails are neat and sophisticated, shaped into a natural soft-square that keeps nails strong and fingers looking slender. Don’t experiment with anything the day before your wedding and avoid nail art, colouring an odd nail or anything that is not going to look good when you are going back through your wedding photos.


Grey & Navy

Grey and navy are chic bridesmaid shades for any season-both colors are rich yet neutral, and not as heavy as classic black. But if you’re putting your maids in grey or navy for an outdoor summer wedding, a great way to give them a cheerful pop of color is with their nails.

Blush Pink

Airy and elegant, blush pink is making a big comeback as the bridesmaid dress color of choice. To keep your palette as pretty as can be, stay close to the color with your ladies’ nails, either with a lovely dusty pink like Malala (Classic with a Twist)-bonus: 100% of the proceeds go to The Malala Fund-or an almost-white pale pink like Ava (Bombshell), which has a subtle frosty finish that looks special and sophisticated. For a more unique contrast, if you have any dark greens in your bouquets or are going for a woodland fairy vibe, a muted, creamy forest green like Roc Solid (It Girl) takes on a romantic air set against blush pink. Fore design and nail art contact

We love wedding nail color because it’s a small touch that will have a big impact, especially when you coordinate the right photo ops with your photographer. Getting matching manicures and pedicures, whether they’re DIY or done at a professional parlor, creates a fun pre-wedding activity for you and your bridesmaids-and even better, that bottle of polish can double as part of each bridesmaid’s gift!

White nails

The beautiful warm white nail color has flecs of glitter in it to add glamour and celebration to your special day! Whether your wedding is large or small, religious or not, offbeat or classic, a lot of thought goes into your clothes, your hair, and your shoes. Your nails deserve the same kind of attention.

Everyone is going to want to see your ring so you’re going to be extending your hand out to all your guests to admire.